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Welcome! If you want to learn how to monetize your expertise and streamline line your business to systematically attract, convert, and retain clients with ease then you are in the right place. I am Wendy Nicole Anderson, Business Systems Strategist. 

The limited 30-Minute Complimentary Sessions invitations will be extended to services based entrepreneurs whose products or services solve a major life/business problem, you already help your clients establish great results (meaning there is NO question as to whether or not your services or offers work), and your offers are original. No MLMs, non-profits, or brand new business owners trying to figure out how to monetize their ideas. You must have a tested skill-set and offer that gets people results. This is for you if you are looking to GROW your business beyond what you have already accomplished. 

In order for me to make your complimentary session a success, I need you to answer the following questions, that way I can have a basic understanding of your business goals and challenges.  This is step one in the process. It is important that you take this process serious.

Please check your spam or promotions inbox after submission to complete the process. 
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In a few words, please tell me who your target market is, what you do, and what solution you offer to your clients. *

What do you perceive that is holding your back from growing your business to its full potential. What are you struggling with? *

What is your CURRENT MONTHLY average revenue from your business? *

What is your monthly marketing budget? *

Name 3 of your current business goals? *

On a scale of 1 to 10 how often do you finish what you start? (10 Begining the highest) *

What inspired you to connect with me? *

What type of support are you looking for at this time? *

Investments start at $97-$3500. Can you afford to get started now? *

If your invitation request is accepted, how soon can you get started? *

WIll you check your email, spam, or promotions inbox immediately after submitting this questionnaire and book your 30 min complimentary session immediately? I mean first available slot. Not 2 to 3 weeks from now. You got questions and you need to understand IF I can help you. Delaying the call will tell me that you are not serious.  That is a tell-tell factor that you are putting off other important things in your life and probably why you aren't hitting your money goals on a consistent basis. Book the call if you are a finisher or desire to become one. *

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